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For more safety as Senior!




Whether restricted in mobility, with (initial) dementia or disorientation - the SMARTSTICK an the MOBI serves as a faithful partner in everyday life and as a rescue anchor in an emergency.


The Concept of SMARTSTICK and MOBI is composed of three aspects:

The Product

No matter which of our devices you choose, you have the same functions available for all of them.

Alarm - emergency signal

An alarm is sent by pressing the button for a longer time.


We pay attention to a user-friendly and attractive design when designing our devices.

Easy handling

Our devices have been developed especially for elderly and demented persons and are therefore very easy to handle.

The Portal

We will give you access to our specially developed portal, on which you can individually adjust various settings.


Virtual fence with variable perimeter. The alarm is triggered when an adjustable zone is exceeded.

Unlimited contacts

You can store as many contact persons in the portal as you wish.

Constant location information

Thanks to real-time localization, you have constant information about the current location.

The User

The recipient - the contact person receives a message via the portal when an alarm is triggered or the person leaves the geofence area

Mobile usage

You can access our portal at any time and with any device (PC, tablet, mobile phone).

APP with push message

In case of an alarm you will receive a push message on your mobile phone! (currently only Android)

free Service Hotline

If you have any questions, simply contact our competent support staff on the phone

Our Asstes


In cooperation the companies Ossenberg GmbH, cibX GmbH and the Deutsche Telekom AG  have taken up this challenge and produced an innovation in the field of walking aids.

The lightweight and height-adjustable everyday aid in carbon-look is not only a visual eye-catcher, but scores points above all with its integrated electronics.

The built-in GSM modem, GPS antenna and a SIM card from Deutsche Telekom make it possible to locate the walking stick and its owner anywhere in Germany and Europe.


In addition to the cane, the walker is a popular choice for those who want to continue to walk well despite considerable mobility restrictions. For us it was clear therefore: Beside the interlaced cane SMARTSTICK a mobile solution with universal mounting plate must be, in order to grant also to the users of mobile going assistance a safe mobility in the age.

The MOBI is the result of this vision!

Visually, the mobile adapter solution impresses with its slim, handy housing. Functional through its integrated locating and alarm module. Thanks to this, MOBI determines its position to within a few meters via GPS. The smart adapter solution also acts as a lifeline in emergency situations and alarms the contacts stored in the portal.

Our Service


The Portal


As a partner of Deutsche Telekom, we use the specially developed portal of the largest German telecommunications provider. For you this means: secure storage of your data on a German server under German data protection law. And also a portal with a user-friendly and clear user interface that can be operated by anyone. You have doubts? Then try it out right away.

Walking aids are primarily used to compensate for the reduced load capacity of the lower limbs or as a coordination aid when standing or walking. Our walking aids have even more application potential thanks to the integrated locating and alarm module. It does not matter at all what kind of walking aid you have. All our functions can be used without restrictions.



A primary advantage of our products is the integrated GPS and the associated localization function. With an accuracy of up to 10 meters, the cane or mobile unit records its position and transmits it to the connected portal. A quick look at the map is enough to see the current location of the walking aid. Let us find you for your own safety - Europe-wide without additional costs!


The SMARTSTICK is equipped with a button. This also serves as a help call button. Press the button for at least 3 sec. An alarm message is automatically transmitted to the portal and sent by push message to the APP or by e-mail to the contact persons stored in the portal. This function is possible worldwide* and is supported by a red flashing LED and a beep.

* additional fees may apply for use outside Europe!

Programmierung Geofence


The use of geofence increases safe mobility in old age immensely. Because with Geofence it is possible to pull a virtual fence with a variable radius from 500 metres around the device. Especially for people with a tendency to walk towards the fence, this function serves as additional security, as an alarm is automatically triggered and sent to the portal if the area is exceeded. Registered contact persons are informed immediately and can act directly. Translated with (free version)

FAQ - frequently asked questions

The concept for the walking stick SMARTSTICK and the MOBI, consists of two aspects. On the one hand we have the device itself and on the other hand the portal, where settings are made via the Internet. An Android app for managing the portal can be installed via the Google Play Store. The senior usually uses the device and his contacts (family or other contacts) use the portal or smartphone. So the senior himself does not need a smartphone/computer/fixed phone line to use our devices. Translated with (free version)

A chip is built into our devices, which is connected to our portal via GPS.

You can charge our devices with the enclosed charging cable, which you can connect to a PC or standard plugs.

Conditionally. The SMARTSTICK and also the MOBI are splash-proof and can therefore be used in the rain without any problems.

Ja. Zum einen sind der SMARTSTICK und der MOBI mit einem Notrufknopf ausgestattet, den die Person im Notfall betätigen kann um so einen Alarm auszulösen, der an die im Portal hinterlegten Kontaktpersonen gesendet wird. Der Notrufknopf ist am SMARTSTICK und auch am MOBI leicht zu ertasten und auszulösen. Außerdem kann im Portal ein Geofence (virtueller Zaun) eingerichtet werden. Sobald die Geräte diesen Bereich verlassen, wird eine Nachricht an die im Portal hinterlegten Personen gesendet. Der SMARTSTICK und der MOBI geben in regelmäßigen Abständen eine Positionsbestimmung ab, s. d. eine genaue Ortung der Geräte im Freien möglich ist.

The volume of the signal for an alarm is not adjustable for SMARTSTICKS and MOBI, but is supported by a flashing LED. It is possible that the default volume may not be audible to everyone. However, the visual perception may be sufficient.

See answer to the question "Are the SMARTSTICK and Mobi suitable for people with dementia?

Currently the volume is preset on both devices.

The SMARTSTICK is distributed by our cooperation partner Ossenberg GmbH. You get to the shop zur Internetseite des Verkaufshop.

MOBI can currently only be pre-booked. There is no exact selling price yet.

  • The use of the SMARTSTICK or the MOBI throughout Europe and the European countries of country group 1 (2 years included, after that the contract can be extended from your side. NO ABO)
  • free Service Hotline
  • free online Portal
  • cibX - SMARTSTICK - APP also for the MOBI (Andriod mobile phone)
No. The user does not pay extra in case of emergency.

In order to be able to use all functions without restrictions, sufficient mobile phone reception is necessary. With the network of Deutsche Telekom AG you have the best coverage in Germany and Europe as well as in other European countries in country group 1 without additional costs (e.g. roaming charges).

Your SMARTSTICK or MOBI has an IMEI number (see also the back of the user manual). To activate the integrated SIM card please call our hotline: 02571-1395555 or use our Online form. Bei der Freischaltung erhalten Sie Ihren Benutzernamen und ihr Passwort. Die Freischaltung der SIM-Karte kann bis zu 24 Stunden dauern. Sie erhalten von uns eine E-Mail, sobald Ihre SIM-Karte freigeschaltet ist und Sie die Ortungsfunktion benutzen können.

To switch on, press and hold the button for three second. The button on the SMARTSTICK or MOBI will light up blue and will automatically connect to the portal. To switch off the unit, press the button twice briefly. The red LED lights up twice and the blue light goes out as soon as the software is shut down (approx. 1-5 seconds).

As long as the blue light is on, the device is active and continuously updates the current position via GPS. To determine the exact position, the walking stick should be outdoors. There is usually limited GPS reception in buildings, which means that the device may locate inaccurate or no position at all.

Press the button of the SMARTSTICKS or MOBI for at least 5 seconds which will result in a call for help. The LED then flashes red quickly for 10 seconds (interval 100 ms), a beep is heard and at the same time the call for help is transmitted to the portal.

The contact person stored in the portal receives a message on your smartphone (Android), a push message or an e-mail with the information that an alarm has been triggered.

The device transmits the call for help with the current position information to the portal. All contact persons who have logged on to the portal receive a message with the exact location of the walking stick and the message that the emergency call button has been pressed.

No, not at the moment. The person who triggered the alarm can, if possible, contact the contact person. B. inform by phone that it is an accidentally triggered alarm.

Usually, yes. Sufficient mobile phone reception is necessary for the SMARTSTICK and MOBI to function properly. With the network of Deutsche Telekom AG you have the best coverage in Germany and Europe ( country group 1) without additional costs (e.g. roaming fees). So it works everywhere where there is a mobile network.

The notification will be sent by e-mail. The e-mail contains a direct link to the portal.

There is also an APP in the google play store - cibX SMARTSTICK. If you use the app, you will get a push message sent directly to your mobile phone (Android). If you click on it, you will get a map with the current location of the device.

If the battery level drops to approx. 20%, a low battery warning is transmitted to the portal. At the same time, the red LED of the device starts to glow red permanently. If the battery status continues to fall until the battery is empty, a warning message is transmitted to the portal, then the device switches off automatically.

Under normal use, the battery will function for approximately one week. With intensive use (e.g. frequent location checks) this may be less.

The SMARTSTICK is a cooperation of:

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