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We develop for you:

A smart portal
for localization and visualization in hospitals and care facilities!

Do you know?

You' re always getting annoyed in the hospital too:

  • long waiting times for patients
  • disappeared medical devices
  • lost patients
  • missing information about free rooms, beds and investigation devices
  • or in short: the missing overview?

Do your employees spend too much time with the search for patients, devices, beds and free rooms and do lose so valuable time for the work on the patient?

Our Idea

The cibX - Central Information Board!

Imagine there would be a software that combines all necessary information (locations, triage, waiting time etc.) in one portal!

For example, what if you could foresee the otherwise opaque waiting times?

That sounds interesting.

We find:
It´s time for technological change
We want to support hospitals, care facilities and outpatient clinics on their way to digitalization with IoT-based solutions.

Custom Solution

We share our expertise and professional experience

Our Idea the Central Information Board!

Our cloud-based platform starts exactly where the hospital information systems (short: HIS) leave their core area:

With tracking as a drive and the use of various modules, we make processes more transparent, assets and patients are found more quickly and the safety of staff and patients at risk of absconding is increased by the simplest means such as geofence.

The Best
cibX is absolutely operator-free, cost-neutral and 100% compatible with every HIS model.

Our strengths

We adapt the Central Information Board to your individual needs!

Think of the future!

Please contact us if you are interested in a project with us!

Be there when we put our ideas into practice with you and revolutionize the entire care sector!

The module options From cibX Health

You have the choice which modules you want to use!
Our cibX-Health Offers can be
100% adapted to your needs.

All Module?

One Module?

This is an example, you can also use other elements individually.

Or Mix?

You can combine the individual modules according to your wishes.

Advantages with cibX Health

Safety up - costs down

cibX makes processes more transparent and thus more secure.
Advantages less travel and waiting times, no loss of assets, more time for patient care, increased employee and patient satisfaction, and a higher level of hygiene.

cost-neutral and 100% compatible with your HIS thanks to HL7 interface

For cibX there are no high investment costs. As a classic ABO model, you only pay when you use it. The hardware is provided free of charge. Thanks to the HL7 interface, it can be used both as HIS integration and stand-alone.

Real-time localization and visualization

cibX visualizes missing assets, patients or beds for you in real time and indicates their location within seconds on the stored floor plan of your ward.


A cibX-Project always includes project support from the beginning (consulting) to the end (introduction and connection to the existing HIS).

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