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With the equipment management module, medical equipment can be searched, found and managed via real-time location.

In everyday life, it is easy to forget where beds, wheelchairs, infusion pumps or other medical equipment are located. In many areas, this leads to long search times, inefficient processes and an excessive number of devices. The cibX device management enables real-time localization of all devices in the hospital. Through the digital room model of the hospital, locations are named precisely, room by room.

All relevant information such as maintenance intervals or cost centers can be entered with just a few clicks. Import from external systems is also possible. All user groups, be it nursing, medicine or logistics, can use the search function from the ward computer (desktop), tablet or smartphone. All users can also send error messages.


Avoid unnecessary paths

Transparency instead of countless phone calls in search of a medical device

Easily manage error messages and defects

Adaptation of devices to actual needs


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